Theo Parrish - Smile (2x12" Vinyl) | Sound Signature (SML1)

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A1:    Electro Romantica
A2:    Vague Computers
A3:    Outrun Disaster
B1:    Operator Love
B2:    Creatures Of My World
B3:    W O T O S

"Electro Romantica" covers the content aswell the inspiration for this beautiful record produced by Somachrome aka Raffaele "Whodamanny" Arcella and Luca "Bop" Affatato! The duo created an alternative romantic reality where the autobahn connects Detroit to New York to Napoli, and where heady electro, Hi-NRG, and post-punk grooves merge with narcotic new wave, interstellar funk, and psychedelic rock. The result is an epic adventure equally suited for dancefloor mania as it is for coastal highway cruising joined by the mysterious forces of the night. Another essential Periodica Record!!

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