Vegyn - Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds (2x12" Vinyl) - PLZ025N

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A1. Blue Verb
A2. Nauseous/devilish
A3. That Ain't No Dang Cat!
A4. Aspenz
B1. Cowboy Allstar
B2. Thoughts Of Offing One
B3. Debold
B4. Fake Life

C1. I Don't Owe U Nything
C2. Fire Like Tyndall
C3. Unknown, Forever Unknown
C4. Retro Otw
D1. When I Strike, I Strike Hard
D2. You Owe Me
D3. It's Nice To Be Alive
D4. Blue Verb (Reprise)

Hot double LP of beats and scattered rhymes (JPEGMAFIA, Retro X & Jeshi feature) from this highly inventive producer. Having gained notoriety for his work with Frank Ocean and Travis Scott among others, Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds is overjoyed, heady and nervous at once. It offers a proper introduction to the massively imaginative sound of Vegyn.

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