Alicia Keys - Keys (2x12" Vinyl)

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  1. Plentiful
  2. Skydive
  3. Best Of Me
  4. Dead End Road
  5. Is It Insane
  6. Billions
  7. Love When You Call My Name
  8. Only You
  9. Daffodils
10. Old Memories
11. Nat King Cole
12. Paper Flowers
13. Like Water
14. Keys
15. Only You (Unlocked)
16. Skydive (Unlocked)
17. Best Of Me (Unlocked)
18. Lala (Unlocked)
19. Nat King Cole (Unlocked)
20. Is It Insane (Unlocked)
21. Come For Me (Unlocked)
22. Old Memories (Unlocked)
23. Dead End Road (Unlocked)
24. Love When You Call My Name (Unlocked)
25. Daffodils (Unlocked)
26. Billions (Unlocked)

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