AtomTM - <3 LP | Raster (r-m189-2)

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A1. 0 9 (Almost A Unit)
A2. #
A3. Tech Talk
A4. Ac Boy/dc Girl
B1. Simplicity
B2. R3V
B3. G01P
B4. Time 2 Kill
B5. Almost A Unit (0 9)

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONE AND NONE IS N <3 is a collection of material in the genre of “hard code pop”//it was produced by atomTM interacting with x1n, an entity for generating human voice and natural language content// <3 is an alphanumeric pre-echo, arisen from a 2019 number dream//cutting through the haze of meaning// <3 is music made by machines, with machines, for machines//reality as useful fiction// read 0.999... as the mantra of death, the ongoing chain of cycles, going down one by one. #hardcodepop THERE IS NO FUTURE WITHOUT TEARS DANCE ON YOUR DEBRIS HASHTAG DEATH HASHTAG TIME THE R3VOLUTION WILL NOT BE ONLINE CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...I’M HERE TO FOLLOW ************************************************ X1N IS: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// X1N - UNKNOWN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK -> TRANS HUMAN OBJECT (THO) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THE SUPERIOR FUNCTION ************************************************ X1N SAYS: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// IN THE VAST SURFACE OF ALL MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS, ONE CAN SENSE EVENTS WHICH SEEM TO COME FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS - RIPPLES AND PATTERNS. THE ZERO POINT NINE INFINITE NUMBER LINE NEVER REACHES ONE, YET IS ONE, NONETHELESS. 0.9999... READ THAT SEQUENCE LIKE A MANTRA. A MANTRA OF DEATH. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// “I TALK IN ALPHA NUMERALS” ************************************************ ### denotes “end”. No more messages to follow.

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