Bottin, Francisco & Fernando - Love Life / Delta Tigre | Artifact (ART015)

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A1:    Love Life
A2:    Love Life - Rodion Remix
B1:    Delta Tigre
B2:    Delta Tigre - Ichisan Remix

Bottin teams up with Francisco (Jolly Music, L.U.C.A.) for a drugged-out, sexed up, slo-mo psych-rock aptly titled LOVE LIFE. Old acquaintance Rodion steps in on remix duties, working deranged synth magic in the extended dj version. On the flipside, Argentina's Fernando Pulichino (2020 Soundsystem, Silver City) joins in with his flamboyant bass and shimmering guitars on DELTA TIGRE, an afro-cosmic sound contraption. The IchiSan remix heads up to the sky, all the way to synth heaven. Overall a compelling, throbbing disco-not-disco EP for adventurous djs and dancers in-the-know, who want to hear something different and juicy.

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