Jex Opolis - It's Me, Jexy | Good Timin' (GDTIMIN015)

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A1:    It's Music
A2:    Belly (Dance)
A3:    Gem
A4:    Drive Safe
B1:    Grab The Camcorder
B2:    Blue Quills
B3:    Belly (Melt)
B4:    Thx 4 Calling

Jex Opolis is back with a full length with lush and effervescent goodness! The Canadian musician and producer, delivers nine tunes composed after his sudden, Covid-hastened return to Northern Canada after five years in NYC. Jex switches up his 80s influences and takes a left-turn into rubbery breakbeats, granular IDM and dubby sub bass; all while maintaining his celebrated melodic focus. "Over the past few months, I've found myself really missing big bass sounds in the club. So I bought a 2003 Camry and tried to make tunes that would rattle the windows," says Jex. Super fresh and exciting release, perfec tly for the album format. Worth every penny!

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